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Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Intercompany Module

By Integrity Partners

Dynamics GP 10.0 Intercompany module allows you to set up, enter and maintain transaction relationships between companies so expenses and revenues incurred by the originating company can be tracked and sent to the destination companies.

Let's look at the key features and benefits of using Intercompany:

  1. Payables management: After the Due to/Due From relationships are clearly defined for the originating and destination companies, everything is automated once specific batches of transactions are processed. Integration with other modules is one of the main benefits of this module, since individual transactions do not have to be manually entered in General Ledger or other areas, Dynamics GP 10.0 updates data across the system.

  2. Multi-currency management: Transactions can be viewed in the original currency or the functional currency and this option can be customized according to each user, on each window allowing greater user convenience. If the functional currency amounts do not balance, the difference is posted automatically to a rounding difference account.

  3. Voiding mistakes: Intercompany transactions that have been entered by mistake can be easily voided and this portion of the transaction relating to the originating company is voided automatically.

  4. Flexibility is a key advantage: Before the intercompany transactions are posted, transactions can be changed or deleted. The posting process will update the account balances in the originating and destination companies.

  5. Tracking: Intercompany transactions are assigned an audit trail and this feature gives you the ability to track and print reports for all such transactions. Additionally, the enquiry window for Intercompany audit trail codes in the destination companies can be used to view the originating company, the originating audit trail code and the journal entry for posted intercompany transactions.

  6. Inquiry window: By using the journal entry inquiry window users can view transaction details for journal entries posted in General Ledger during an open fiscal year. The intercompany button is enabled if the current displayed entry originated from an intercompany generated transaction.

  7. Exchange Rate: The intercompany destination exchange rate inquiry can be used to view the exchange rate information for all destination companies on an intercompany voucher in Payables Management. This feature facilitates quick and easy access to information that would otherwise have to be tracked manually by viewing each destination company's data individually.

  8. Custom Reports: There are numerous reports that come with the Intercompany module. These reports can be easily modified or customized to meet the user's specific requirements for information on intercompany transactions.

    In essence, Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 Intercompany module gives users enhanced transaction tracking capability, flexibility in executing changes to transactions, swift access to destination exchange rates and user based customized views of multi-currency management.

    For more information on Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 (formerly Microsoft Great Plains) please visit Integrity Partners online at http://www.integritymbs.com or call 888.869.4090 ext 701.
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