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Integrity Partners, Inc.

  • Integrity Partners Company Brochure PDF View

  • "We value the word "Integrity" because of what it means to us. At Integrity Partners we make sure that if we make a promise, we follow through. We are honest with our clients and feel that creating an open and straightforward relationship is the only way to work."

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Microsoft Dynamics GP "10"

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP "10" Module Booklet PDF View

  • "Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions are designed to help automate your unique business processes and accelerate your organization's success. This guide will take you through how each of the product modules available within Microsoft Dynamics GP can help propel your business forward - the components are grouped by the functional area they address to help you see the impact on your business."

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP "10" Business Essentials Product Brochure PDF View

  • "For growing organizations, Microsoft Dynamics GP Business Essentials offers a solution built for rapid installation, data migration, and ease of use, packaged and priced for companies on a growth path. Designed to help people accomplish more from the start, Microsoft Dynamics GP works like and with the familiar Microsoft Office system and utilizes proven Microsoft technologies to connect information, processes, and reporting capabilities across your entire business. And as your organization changes and grows, Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a cost-effective path for adding functionality and users."

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP "10" Advanced Management Product Brochure PDF View

  • "It's your people that drive results, regardless of your industry or the size of your organization. Growth and success depend on providing everyone in your business - the CEO, management, teams and individuals - with ready access to the systems, information, and tools they need to work at peak performance. Microsoft Dynamics GP Advanced Management equips people at all levels of your organization to keep pace with the competition and manage changing markets, unique requirements, and the full range of business operations."

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Microsoft Dynamics GP "2010"

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Light User PDF View

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Light User Licenses are a great way to give your employees access to essential information while keeping confidential information safe. Light user licenses are perfect for any company that wants to extend limited GP access to employees. The best thing about light user licenses? They're inexpensive!

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP "2010" Comparison Chart PDF View

  • Check out the improvements that Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 has to offer with this easy-to-read comparison chart.

  • Fixed Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP PDF View

  • Improve financial management for your business by tracking, analyzing, and manipulating fixed assets to meet specific needs. Fixed Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers multiple features and reporting tools that help you manage company assets with minimal effort and tremendous flexibility.

  • Top 10 Reasons to Upgrade to GP "2010" PDF View

  • Created by Microsoft, this document highlights the top 10 reasons why upgrading to GP "2010" will improve your business.

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