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Lets Face It..... You've Outgrown QuickBooks

*Mention this page and we will include special promotional pricing when you make the switch!

There is a lot that goes into starting a new business; Creating a business model, generating funding, finding resources and of course, putting the plan into action. Finally when those steps are complete, you need a way to track the details and report them to your accountant. So, you go to the local office supply store and purchase QuickBooks. QuickBooks is simple, cheap, and easily accessible. QuickBooks is exactly what you used to need.

Times Have Changed. Your Business has grown. You have more data, more employees, more simultaneous reporting, different transaction types, etc... The list goes on and on. You are losing control of your books and the system is slowing down and crashing. The employees using your system are getting frustrated and can't do their work in a timely and efficient manner.

The once, "Low-Cost" accounting software is now causing your company to lose money and resources every day. It is time to upgrade to quality accounting software that will increase efficiency and improve the accounting process.

Microsoft Dynamics GP may be right for you if:

1) Your company has outgrown QuickBooks.

2) You are now competing in International Markets.

3) You have started a new business and need to consolidate all of the companies into a single financial statement.

4) You need a better view of your business: Which department is costing me the most, Who's bringing in the most revenue, what is my inventory, where are our assets, etc...

5) You have top-of-the-line OPS software but are unable to automatically integrate the results to your current accounting software.

Here are some specific issues our clients had with QuickBooks:

- "The system was slowing to a crawl because the database wasn't designed to handle that much data or that many users."

- "With QuickBooks you can't make or receive payments in foreign currencies. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows us to make such transactions."

- "We spent days even weeks copying and pasting our reports into Excel to get a consolidated view, only to find the numbers had changed due to a lack of control. Dynamics GP allows us to quickly view all of our reports without ever leaving the software."

- "The general ledger in QuickBooks isn't designed to track departments and profit centers and locations... With Dynamics GP we can track our transactions specifically to meet our needs."

These are real issues that our clients no longer face with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

If you haven't faced these problems yet, don't wait until you do. Don't allow your business to fall victim to the problems that QuickBooks will bring as your business grows.

Allow Integrity Partners to help your business make the move from QuickBooks to Microsoft Dynamics GP.


*Mention this page and we will include special promotional pricing when you make the switch!


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