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Integrity Partners is a trusted name in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Community, providing services including:

Software Installation
We will assist in creating a secure and stable environment for your Microsoft Dynamics investment by working hand in hand with your IT team.
Training is provided for your IT staff during the installation process, providing them with the tools and knowledge to be “self sufficient” after the initial implementation. While this is a part of our process, we will always be available when you are in need of assistance after the software installation & project completion. Software installation does not end once your system is up and running successfully. We will consistently provide you with suggestions and assistance in regards to the necessary service packs, updates, and more.
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Business Process Analysis
We will work with your team to analyze your current business processes, as well as identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to create a solid foundation for the implementation of your Microsoft Dynamics GP investment. Every business is different; requiring a unique combination of software and services, enabling you to overcome obstacles within your current business processes. Focusing on your industry needs, we will examine all of the necessary details to provide you with a “best fit” software solution for your growing business.
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Data Migration
An unsuccessful data migration could mean huge losses of client information, valuable time, effort and capabilities for your business. We understand that your business data is important to you, so we treat all of your data as if it is our own. We will help you to migrate your existing data to Microsoft Dynamics GP using our proven migration tools. These tools validate data at the master record and transaction level to guarantee that only “clean” data successfully updates your business database.
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Project Management
What separates an Integrity Partners implementation project from another Microsoft Partner project? It's simple: Every project is managed by one of our business owners. At Integrity Partners, we understand that project management requires keeping end users, managers, officers and investors happy. Every business requirement will be delivered with the utmost emphasis on cost savings, benefits to your business and deadline while remaining focused on your company's original project goals.
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Report Development
We will assist you in defining reports for your business needs and develop them accordingly. Our reports deliver real – time critical business data displayed in a clear, concise format allowing your team members to focus on analysis rather than just "crunching numbers".
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Third Party Systems Integrations
Microsoft Dynamics GP has capabilities far beyond the initial product. Third Party Systems Integrations allow your business to enhance its accounting software with brand new technologies and products. Third party products allow your business to improve workflow processes without incurring expensive costs that come with changing your accounting software entirely.
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Integrity Partners, Inc. will customize your Microsoft Dynamics GP package to fit your business needs. We can tailor your software based on industry, company size, revenue, etc... We understand that every company is different and will do everything we can to allow YOU to maximize our product.
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We will train your team to leverage the functionality of your newly acquired ERP solution, allowing for increased efficiency and productivity. Providing training services during the implementation phase and beyond will ensure that your company maximizes its return on investment (ROI).
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User Acceptance Testing
We will work with your team to ensure that critical business processes have been tested prior to launching a final product. This process is not only a vital component in satisfying technical requirements but will also put your team at ease by reinforcing the training received during the project.
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Using an older version of Microsoft Dynamics GP? We can take your business to the next level with a full upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Looking to make an upgrade in the near future? Microsoft Dynamics GP "2010" is now available.
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Ongoing System Support
After a successful implementation, Integrity Partners will provide ongoing system support to ensure that you continually receive the maximum benefit from your Microsoft Dynamics GP investment. Support for our clients often includes a combination of phone, email, instant messaging, desktop streaming and onsite interaction. No request is too big or too small... If it's important to you, it's important to us.
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